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Blue Lagoon Trading

Blue Lagoon USA, an Distributor & Exporters of off price, slightly damaged and excess inventory. Specializing in the above industries.

Blue Lagoon is a US-based Distributor & Exporters of off-price and excess inventory of well-known and top-notch brands. We specialize in four industries: Paints and Consumables, Perfumes, Colognes and Lotions, Vehicles and Auto Parts, and Clothing and Accessories.

At Blue Lagoon, great products at low prices is the air we breathe. Our unique and revolutionary concept of exporting such products helps us reach out to a larger market of consumers whose budgets may not lie in that of top brands. Nevertheless, we come through to help you grab those emerging favorites, classics, and rarely found pieces from a carefully curated selection of items that have all passed the quality control test.

We aim for and believe that every piece of material, texture, scent, and equipment reveals possibility and affects a huge part of the way our customers portray themselves. Therefore, our wide range of technology and guidance in picking these pieces is carried out by the most professional and well-versed group of staff who are always available to guide you through your selection process.

Overall, we believe that YOU along with quality and standard come first; therefore all our services and our processes revolve around you, our customer, and the smooth and positive journey you have with us.

Warehouses across the USA

Warehouses across the USA, with a strong presence in Latin America, and the Caribbean and Africa.

The Blue Lagoon warehouses lie across the United States of America, in Latin America, and in the Caribbean and in Africa. At such a wide range of places that continues to expand with our growing success, we have a better chance of producing greater deals and a wider range of high-quality products that will arrange a greater scope of products for you. We use trucks, boats and trains to transport our products with utter care in order to avoid any damage and to provide efficient transportation for your product.