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Paint & Consumables

Paint & Consumables (American made household and commercial primers, paints, Colorants, rollers, brushes, buckets)

If it’s on your mind, it’s on our stacks. The perfect color and type of Paint is only a click away from you! Our well-versed staff provide consultancy for aesthetics, paint colors, product supplies, paint volumes, cheap yet high-quality products, and the right product to enhance the look of your surface.

Over the past decade, the US paint industry has continued to change and if one company has kept up with the change, it is Blue Lagoon Trading. We offer Household and Commercial Primers, Paints, Colorants, Rollers, Brushes, Buckets, and a whole load of items you may require for detailing and adding finishing touches.

We believe that every canvas has a story; however, we hold on to the fact that different ‘canvases’ require different paint types. These could range from Interior Paints to Exterior Paints, or from Spray Paints to Concrete Paints. You might decide to change the look of your walls, tables, or maybe, even your bicycle. We guarantee we’ve got the right product for you. Even if you consider wood, depending on the type of wood you’re using, you might do well to use a wood stain and sealer. All through this, different rooms and surfaces require different paints, and furthermore, different colors.

At Blue Lagoon, we value the trust our customers put in us; therefore, we strive to create a smooth process in the selection of various Paints and Consumables that results in an enhancement to the desired look of the place and a happier customer.


In order to redo old scratched furniture and save money, rather than buying new furniture, sand down the scratches and the rest of your furniture and either stain or paint the wood. You can cover the cushions with fresh fabric or leather and piece the furniture back together.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing & Accessories 100% Authentic American and European branded clothing.

Brands include but not limited to:

Discover styles of 100% Authentic American and European branded clothing and accessories, that everyone has on their most wanted lists, at the tip of your finger in the comfort of your own home.

We, at Blue Lagoon, are a one-stop-shop for everything ranging from brands like Guess, Aero, Hollister and LEVI’s to Tommy, Clairborne, Alfani and many more.

We understand that everyone’s styles and clothing needs are different and that’s why we provide a multitude of styles for workwear and formals, casuals, partywear, and weekend outfits to suit absolutely anyone. We guarantee that these original pieces will provide a flattering touch to your look and will enhance the individualistic style you thought you never had.

We strongly believe that you radiate the positivity of the outfit you wear and therefore, we aim only to provide you with nothing but the top and best pieces at the most reasonable prices. Anyone and everyone can find their style with us. Our incredibly friendly and well-versed fashion staff are always available to help you create a style for you, based on YOU.

Our entire supportive community cheers you on to be the best stylistic and unique version of you. Are you ready to build up your new wardrobe of style with Blue Lagoon?

Vehicles & Auto Parts

Vehicles & Auto Parts (American SUV’s, and European Sedans are our specialty! Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi. We also supply new aftermarket and used OEM parts to fit your demand).

At Blue Lagoon, we offer an extensive selection of Auto Parts and accessories that allow you to find the best quality of parts you need for the most reasonable prices.

Our well-stocked warehouse stacks both OEM Auto Parts as well as Aftermarket Auto Parts for your vehicle. We specialize in American SUV’s and European Sedans and all makes for Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen and Audi. Nevertheless, we provide consultancy for any other cars that you require Auto Parts for.

These Auto Parts include Fuel Pumps, Steering Gear Boxes, Suspension, Turbochargers, Brakes, AC Compressors and many other wholesale Auto Parts. We highly encourage you to explore the wide range of products that we sell and always be reassured that all of our parts undergo strict quality control tests.

At Blue Lagoon, we understand how important it is to locate and get the right parts for your vehicle, especially when shopping online. Therefore, if you face any issues in your process of receiving any of your products from us, we will cover the costs at our end.

We, at Blue Lagoon, value the trust our customers put in us, so you will never need to worry about the quality of product you are receiving as these are 100% original and high quality.

Perfume & Lotions

Perfume & Lotions (100% Authentic American and European branded perfume and cologne for men, women and children. Brands include but not limited to: Burberry, boss, calvin klein, diesel, drakkar, guess, issey miyake, jimmy choo, kenneth cole, lacoste, nautica, paco rabanne, versace, perry ellis, rihanna rogue,tommy, viva la juicy, white diamond etc.

Perfumes, Lotions and Colognes … Your signature fragrance awaits you.

At Blue Lagoon, we feature top brands as well as exclusive and niche scents. Shop fragrances for men, women and children. Our brands range from Burberry, Calvin Klein and BOSS to Tommy, Nautica, Lacoste and a gazillion others.

Everyone’s taste in fragrances is different and that’s why we provide a wide range of top-notch quality, long-lasting perfumes, colognes, and lotions for anyone and everyone to wear confidently. In fact, a scent is as important as the shoes, outfit or bag you think makes you, well, YOU.

At Blue Lagoon, we believe that a person’s scent leaves a lasting impression on the people they meet, and therefore, we pride ourselves in being able to professionally help you pick yours. We guarantee the best customer service, amazing prices, rare brands and the most authentic fragrances all under one site.